Oil Panic is a GAW game. It is also Mr. GAW's down B move.

Gameplay Edit

Mr. GAW must fill his bucket with oil dripping from a pipe. When his bucket is full, he must it at the side, but only when his partner appears, or the oil will splash on the customers, resulting in a lost chance. Lose all 3 at its game over.

Super Smash Bros. Edit

Down B is Oil Panic for Mr. GAW. Mr. GAW takes a bucket out from nowhere and any energy based projectiles(like Samus' Charge Shot)are absorbed. When three are absorbed down B will fire a blast of oil. A fully charged Charge Shotx3 will do 150 damage, while 3 blaster shots from Falco's blaster will do 3%. In Flat Zone 2, the bottom screen will appear, and customers will attack.