Octopus is a Game and Watch game, and one of the most complex, too.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls three divers. The diver must swim to the bottom right corner and pick up some treasure. Then the diver must swim back to his boat and dump his gold and jewelry. The only obstacle would be the giant Octopus in the way, attempting to hit with its tentacles. If a diver is hit, another diver will swim to earn some more gold and stuff. If all divers are injured, the game ends. Game A makes the Octopus go slow, and Game B mast the Octopus go fast.

Super Smash Bros. Edit

In Brawl Mr. GAW's final smash is Octopus. He transforms into the giant cephalopod from Octopus. His tentacles do more damage than the body. Also, his Up Smash includes the helmet of the divers, used to bash opponents.