Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch(GAW) is the monochrome hero of the Game & Watch series, making its debut in 1980. He moves in GAW quantums which means he moves by using pictures.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mr. Game & Watch looks like a human, only completely black with a gray outline. He has 2 arms and legs, a round head with a big round nose(similar to Mario's)and a torso area. Sometimes he opens his mouth which is a curvy cut-out on him.

Super Smash Bros. Edit

GAW makes his debut in the Smash series in Melee as the last unlockable character, unlucked by:

Clearing Classic with all 24 other charcters.

Clearing Adventure mode with all 24 other characters.

After either of the following the player will fight him in Flat Zone. Beating him will make him playable.

His moves come from various GAW game games. His special moves are:

Nuetral B: Chef-Flings suasages into the air. It is also possible to use the frying pan.

Side B: Judge- Numbers 1-9 appear randomly each has its own effect.:

1:Minor damage. Hurts GAW,too
2:Double damage. 4%
3:Pierces defences. 6%
4:Slashes. 8%
5:Shocks. 4x3%
6:A flaming attack. 12%
7:Creates an apple in addition to lucky 7! 14%
8:Freezes the opponent. 9%
9!:An electric sensation the sends opponents flying and does massive damage! 32%

Up B:Fire-Two firemen bounce GAW high into the air hurts opponents, too.

Down B:Oil Panic-GAW takes out a bucket. Energy Projectiles absorbed.

In Brawl he is unlockable once more, only not the final character before. He's bigger stronger and faster. Changes have been added to his special moves, too:

N-B- Flings flapjacks and chicken thighs.
U-P- A parachute slows his decend, thus preventing a helpless mode.

New attacks are: Tropical fish. His new standard air, and Octopus his Final Smash. GAW transforms into the cephalopod from the GAW game Octopus. His body does damage, but it's much better if you press an attack button to extend GAW's tentecles.

Mr. Game and Watch is also unlocked by new means:Fight 250 Brawls, clear target smash with 30 characters, or have him join your party in the SSe(Subspace Emissary).