Flat Zone2

King Dedede, Bowser, Snake, and Wario fighting in Flat Zone 2

Flat Zone 2 is an unlockable stage in the Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In order to unlock it, the player must unlock Mr. Game & Watch. This is Mr. GAW's home stage. It's a combination of 4 Game & Watch games. Fire, Oil Panic, Chef, and Lion. Each one has specific dangers, listed below:

Fire: Fire always starts the stage. The trampoline, in a realistic matter, bounces players up high. The building to the left is able to be stood on. The diver from Octopus also comes to steal items. Platforms appear here and there and change position as the fight progresses. When the scenes about to change, a fireman with the alarm will ring the bell.

Oil Panic: At the gas station, custumers attack in an unpredictable manner. Platforms are able to be stood on. The customers are the only real danger. A policeman blows his whistle as the scene changes. Back to Fire!

Chef: Food flys everywhere. Perhaps the chef can save you. If a smash attack is used on the chef, he goes flying and food stops flinging. Kettle blows as the scene changes.

Lion: Lion tamers with chairs trap the playyers inside the cage. Getting attacked by the lion tamers has a chance of the player getting caught between the two. Possibly the most dangerous scene ever. A cat with a bell lurks in the trees, and rings its bell before Lion turns into Fire.